Complex electronics are carefully matched

The backbone of the Deodar III’s electronic systems is the Northstar 8000i network, which displays a multitude of different functions onto the four main 12in and 15in bridge screens and a single 12in screen on the flybridge. 
The system was conceived, designed and manufactured in New Zealand. It employs innovative technology not seen previously in touch screen control, digital radar processing, professional series C-Map charting and specialist software that allowed the Police and Customs to specify control and display functions they could not have achieved elsewhere, says Bettina Latham of Crystal Electronics.

The autopilot is a new Northstar model that Hamilton Jet helped fully interface with the Blue Arrow steering package. New marine computers undertake specialist computing tasks.

GPS and heading information is provided by a Northstar master GPS and satellite compass that provides integrated navigation signals to the radar C-Map Max Pro charting system and autopilot. Two radars, a 4kw and a 10kw with new digital technology, and a standard 50/200KHz digital sounder complete the navigation package.
Sixteen antennae link the vessel’s Icom radios with marine shore-based stations and control centres for Police and Customs. “To ensure each radio channel operates to its designated specifications, we had special marine antennas manufactured, and created an antenna layout that minimises interference between radio services,” says Bettina.
In another innovation, all the radios are controlled via a network system that allows any operator to select any radio and monitor receiver traffic, transmit and select headphone operation if required.  The New Zealand Police communications section undertook the final design and manufacture of these systems in New Zealand.

Night vision is enhanced with the latest combo Nightfinder from Carlisle & Finch, giving a fully controlled, high-power spotlight and built-in thermal imaging cameras with night and day ability. Images from the Deodar’s closed-circuit television cameras are all available on the Northstar network for viewing on the display screens.
Provision has been made for the new generation of satellite communications scheduled for our part of the world in early 2009, and the New Zealand designed and built WAAS sonar system from ENL Ltd is to be fitted later. An AIS class B transponder, a new Simrad unit with a built-in vessel display and integration to the 8000i network, is to come. Integration also allows for the future display of navigation and charting to the saloon television screens.

Engine and vessel monitoring with displays on the bridge screens was paramount. Tank levels, bilge pumps, DC and AC power systems, navigation lights and a full interface to the MTU engines, generators, watermaker and on-board pumps are all integrated into a standard mini-monitoring system from Yachtica. The system also incorporates a complete alarm log of all monitored functions so the crew can plan preventative maintenance of the engines and other systems. 

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