Q-West Boat Builders were selected in mid-2020 to refit Aria with HamiltonJet’s new hybrid system.  Aria was originally constructed by Q-West in 2007 and is a 15m aluminium foil assisted catamaran.

The modifications were substantial and involved the total reconfiguration of the vessels driveline, installation of electrical components and the fabrication of a fire protected battery compartment.

HamiltonJet’s Electro-Hybrid Drive, or EHX system, offers a totally integrated propulsion system that provides all the benefits of jet propulsion with seamless transition from electric to diesel.

Q-West’s installation of the hybrid system and the supporting items required for operation has enabled us to collect accurate data for future electric or hybrid vessels.

Q-West has been a long-standing customer of HamiltonJet, installing more jet units in New Zealand than any other builder.  HamiltonJet’s quality, support and commitment to development has ensured our strong relationship will continue.


VP01 is the second vessel constructed for the Victoria Maritime Police in Australia. The first vessel, VP09, is based in Paynesville and VP01 will be based in Gippsland.

VP01 is a Teknicraft Design patrol boat which incorporates improved hull design features and an adjustable foil system.


Hawk V will be based in Auckland and largely tasked with patrolling the North Island’s east coast down to Napier.  It will check international craft and support other agencies.

Although similar in design to ‘Deodar III’, ‘LION Foundation Rescue’ and ‘VP09’ – all constructed by Q-West, this vessel incorporates improved hull design features and an adjustable foil system.


Tōrea is a sistership to Kororā, both vessels were originally based on ‘Te Kotuku’, constructed in 2014.  Early in the project the passenger capacity on both vessels was increased which required significant modifications to the vessels machinery and layout.  The vessels were also modified to allow for a variety of different berthing options.