Q-West Boat Builders were selected in mid-2020 to refit Aria with HamiltonJet’s new hybrid system.  Aria was originally constructed by Q-West in 2007 and is a 15m aluminium foil assisted catamaran.

The modifications were substantial and involved the total reconfiguration of the vessels driveline, installation of electrical components and the fabrication of a fire protected battery compartment.

HamiltonJet’s Electro-Hybrid Drive, or EHX system, offers a totally integrated propulsion system that provides all the benefits of jet propulsion with seamless transition from electric to diesel.

Q-West’s installation of the hybrid system and the supporting items required for operation has enabled us to collect accurate data for future electric or hybrid vessels.

Q-West has been a long-standing customer of HamiltonJet, installing more jet units in New Zealand than any other builder.  HamiltonJet’s quality, support and commitment to development has ensured our strong relationship will continue.

Refit of Wanderer – 2011

MV Milford Wanderer is a 30metre overnight tourist vessel operating from Milford Sound.  The vessels previous operation was centred on low cost ship board accommodation while providing nature tours. 

The intent for the refurbishment of the vesssel was to not only complete timely repairs of the vessel systems but also to upgrade and reconfigure the vessels interior layout to enable the vessel to provide a greater more upmarket experience.

The upgrade reduced passenger numbers, providing better accomodation in the lower cabins, increasing access to toilet and shower facilities and upgrading the vessels ventilation and heating systems.

Q-West co-ordinated and project managed the entire refurbishment, which included:

  • Complete repaint (interior and exterior)
  • Structural modifications
  • Mechanical survey work
  • Extensive electrical modifications
  • Ventilation system upgrade
  • Interior lining upgrade


The Tarakena was originally built by Q-West Boat Builders and launched in 1993.  The boat had a major refit by Q-West in 2011, which included:

  • Significant structural repairs
  • Interior lining upgrades
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Four yearly survey work
  • Complete repaint of the exterior

The original work was to be completed within a very short time, however Q-West was able to accommodate the additional work within the same time frame.


MV Paikea is a 17metre Foil Assisted Catamaran.  This vessel was not originally built by Q-West but underwent exterior and interior refurbishment at the Gilberd Street facility in 2009. The scope of work included:

  • Exterior painting in selected areas
  • Modification to exterior fittings to provide disimilar metal isolation
  • Removal and installation of major propulsion components
  • Upgrading of air conditioning system
  • Upgrading interior lining

The vessel was completed for the agreed budget and delivered on time.


Westgate is a 16.9m Pilot Boat.  Originally built in 1989, this vessel was not built by Q-West but underwent exterior and interior refurbishment at the Gilberd Street facility in 2009.

The scope of work included:

  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Refit